January 2015

We made it home safe ... with all the nice memories of the trip. We enjoyed our trip very much and please find our feedback below :

1. The trip to Gondar and Semien.

We were very happy with the guide provided to us. He was very willing and everything was well organized. Goha was upgraded... new showers (rain shower), swimming pool... We had great time visiting Semien ... although it is short..  but could walk through big group of Galada...

2. The RTG trip to Lalibela

We had an exhausted group after participating at the Ethiopian Great Run but were overly happy about the whole tour....  well received in Lalibela.... good accommodation. The drive to Bahir Dar was also great. The stay in Kuriftu was welcoming for us to relax ....  

3.  Our trip to Jimma and Mizan Teferi

The Palace in Jimma is indeed worthwhile visiting..... and we walked the city ... the hotel is nice (very friendly staff !)... we also enjoyed the large (and clean !) swimming pool. MIZAN TEFERI we enjoyed really very much, what an environment!  Just walking the streets and visiting the market.... The trip to Bebeka, the coffee plantation and the waterfall is to be recommended! I never imagined Ethiopia could be this green. We really had great time!

4. Car rent to Mehure and Back

Although our driver is not much of a big talker, we loved to have him driving us as he is a very safe driver and always concerned about the wellbeing of the people he is attending.

So thanks very much for all the organized tours, it would not have been a great success without your detailed attention and input to our requests!  Very well done! And it looks as if we will be back next year to visit Bale Mountains.

December 2014

I want to tell you we had a WONDERFUL visit! I have to tell you, I was most impressed that not a single driver or guide was late at all. It made the trip so much more comfortable for our American family:=)

Our drivers and guides were AMAZING! The man who was our driver in Gondar and Bahir Dar was kind and we felt very safe with him. Our guide in Lalibela was very fun and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed him. The Roha and Goha Hotels were so beautiful. We felt so comfortable there.

I have already recommended Lalibela Travel and Tour to a bunch of contacts on a Facebook group I am part of, Ethiopia Homeland Travel. Thank you for setting up our trip and we look forward to the next time we can use your agency to travel around Ethiopia.

Thank you.